Editing Tips

When you are writing your essay, you should keep in mind that to make it effective you need to check if you have all of the following things:

Basic paragraph structuring:


Point Elaborate Example Link


You can edit straight onto a computer or print a copy and use a highlighter or red pen. Ask two other people (friends or family) to read through your essay.


Have I … Tick box
Read my assignment aloud?  
Read it through twice?  
Checked punctuation and grammar?  
Made sure each sentence makes sense?  
Considered the flow of my essay?  
Got topic sentences for each paragraph?  
Got a clear analysis?  
Made sure that my sentences are short and concise? KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)  
Avoided slang words, abbreviations, colloquial language, or conversational tone?  
Discussed 3-4 dramatic elements?  
Referred to specific scenes?  
Discussed how the role of a specific character has been manipulated to create a contemporary depiction of the Shakespearean character?  


Make sure you hand in a clean, tidy and well-written essay with either Times New Roman or Arial size 12 font. Double spacing and page numbers are also effective.