Conflict In The Narrative

When we talk about a narrative we’re identifying we’re looking at important events to us and how if why they were important to us and then with our big goal of getting them down on paper and sharing these index also a lot of times I think I mentioned this in the introduction that narratives can be either positive or negative when talking about a positive or negative experiences right the negative ones it could be a bad event but they also provide us a chance to heal to feel better so psychological healing you’ve identified something that’s happened you’re talking about it you’re writing about it you’re sharing it with people friends family classmates teachers right and this this is an opportunity for to help you come to terms with it to feel better about it too to recognize it as a situation for you to learn something from and then the final point here is create a sense of shared history by linking people together when you’re looking at your presentation right.

When you’re looking at what you’ve written about you are identified you are looking at who were the people involved with this what family members were they what friends were they what teachers were they right and this becomes at this point it because a shared history right you’re linking these events together with people it’s like a chain with all the different lengths you’re reminding yourself of how important these people in these events were to you all right so what’s a good narrative dude it’ll catch the reader’s attention just like I told you before a good story on the street right you’re telling a story about something happen to you in the afternoon once you hook someone once you get someone to buy it to the story that you’re telling you got it right they’re going to listen to that story to the end and they’re going to want to hear the whole thing also it presents important changes right there’s always a conflict in a narrative so a narrative builds itself up it begins and then it builds up to a climax where the story will reach a high point and then after you reach that high point it comes to the end also it relates events in a sequence.

Just like I just said right every story has a beginning a middle and that’s we’re gonna practice here in just a moment I’m gonna show you how I’m going to show you how these stories have a beginning the middle of it and the story is told from the author’s point of view this is your point of view all right so there’s a question on here about chronological order yes there is a chronology to it so we talk about chronology you talked about we talked about how story starts and how it builds up and in the middle there is some big event that happens this is like the boom boom boom story right this is where something significant outfits and then chronologically the story ends.