Career and Knowledge

I couldnt get where I am today personally or professionally without resources what I mean by resources people huge I have mentors I have colleagues I have friends I bounce ideas off of and also you have to have the people who aren’t always going to tell you what you want to hear you know when we’re working on our goals we just want everybody to agree with us and tell us in your arena or your inner circle the people who are going to help you you need people for their expertise.

When I first started my business I met with a lot of other consultants and trainers and people who are already doing what I wanted to do when I was an assistant I would meet with higher-level assistants I wasn’t afraid I mean I was maybe a little intimidated at first but I got over that because I realized I needed their expertise I needed their knowledge I am wanted to know what they knew so that I could get to the next level within my administrative career you need people to guide you to support you but there are other kinds of resources the Internet is a great resource when you’re working on one of your goals gosh we could Google anything today and find out you know what is going on and get information and that increases our knowledge and that gives us the tools that we need to be able to move forward on our goals. Even more useful info on Edusson.

So today we have no excuse and to say that we don’t have access to things because we do we have everything there is so I love that one the next one is very important and these are no particular area but rewarding yourself along the way is important very important and I’ll tell you why in a moment if you have you’re reaching stardom workbook this will be on page 23 and again you can come back those of you who have the workbooks you can come back and read all of this at your leisure so number one it says your reward can be something as and it could be something as little as treating yourself to a massage so the idea is as you’re moving along on your journey and trying to achieve your goals you are going to run into like I said some obstacles some barriers may be some resistance.

Maybe you don’t have the finances maybe you don’t have the knowledge or for whatever reason you’re just not motivated well it’s great to treat yourself to some little rewards along the way maybe it’s having dinner with a girlfriend it could be anything you know but that’s something you also set as you have written your goals so in other words when you’ve written your goal you’re gonna start to have some timeline points by this date I should be here by this date I should be here by this date I should be here and then definitely you should already know your deadline date for your goal that’s one other idea that I wasn’t gonna mention but while I’m thinking about it when you set a goal right.