Conflict In The Narrative

When we talk about a narrative we’re identifying we’re looking at important events to us and how if why they were important to us and then with our big goal of getting them down on paper and sharing these index also a lot of times I think I mentioned this in the introduction that narratives […]

Career and Knowledge

I couldnt get where I am today personally or professionally without resources what I mean by resources people huge I have mentors I have colleagues I have friends I bounce ideas off of and also you have to have the people who aren’t always going to tell you what you want to hear you know […]

Writing Tips – Banned Words

The Blacklist: If you want your essay to be effective do not use following words: Banned Words to Avoid in An Academic Essay Contractions In formal writing, avoid contractions such as: Can’t, won’t, aren’t, shouldn’t, should’ve, haven’t, etc. Qualifiers These words are often overused and create unnecessary wordiness: Very, really, extremely, super, good, better, best, […]

Fiction Tips

Build your plot around the decisions you want your protagonist to make. • Keep it simple. Tell the story. Make sure you have a clear beginning, middle and ending. • Write from your heart. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Readers will sense if you’re not being genuine. • Always remember the end. […]

Quick Tips For Writing Literary Analysis Essays

Make sure your thesis statement is clear, objective, and multifaceted. What is the point you are trying to make? Don’t leave the reader guessing. Be as specific as possible, using examples and details to support your position (analysis, explanation, argument). In essence, you want to describe what a text is doing, and precisely how it […]

Proofreading Tips

Most students know more grammar than they realize, but because we speak much more than we write, we often have trouble remembering or applying the rules of written English.  Here are some proofreading tips to help: Proofread your work more than once and wait several hours after you’ve printed out your essay to proofread it […]

Editing Tips

When you are writing your essay, you should keep in mind that to make it effective you need to check if you have all of the following things: Basic paragraph structuring: P.E.E.L Point Elaborate Example Link   You can edit straight onto a computer or print a copy and use a highlighter or red pen. […]

Tips on Effective Writing

Be Mindful of Your Prose To make your paper great and effective, here are some tips: Word Choice Try to avoid using slang words and/or fillers (ex. “like…I am going to explain…in light of the fact that…what I mean to say”) Noun & pronoun à inanimate objects do not take on personal pronouns (“I read […]

Content Creation Tips

The Internet revolves around content, hence the term “Content is King.” Ultimately, the more content a business has out on the web, the more exposure they will have and the more business they can generate. There are various forms of Internet content, such as articles, videos, blog posts, press releases, social media content, and much, […]

What Do You Know About the Google Places?

Another excellent way to get great search engine visibility is by listing, claiming, and verifying your business in Google Places. Google Places is a local business directory that allows you to profile your business and share information such as videos, photos, and hours of operation. Google automatically lists most businesses in Google Places with very […]